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Purpose of processing

Brushing has the purpose of cleaning the fabric from surface impurities, lifting the fluff and
uniform the direction of the hair, previously obtained in raising.
The operation can be carried out at various stages of finishing: before topping, before decatising,
before calendering. Sometimes brushing precedes steaming.

Processing technology

The machine, which can be equipped with a steaming device (see figure A, point 1), is composed of one or two brushing cylinders decorated with hair (fig. A, 2).
The fabric passes:
between two tension bars (fig. A, 3) above the possible steaming tank, which uniformly spreads steam at low pressure
on the fabric.
The piece is brushed both on the right and on the reverse with different paths depending on the type of machine.
Always in a well-widened position, it is folded on a special pallet or rolled up or, again, continuously sent to the next processing.
Suction devices (fig. A, 4) prevent the spreading of the fluff released by the process.

Execution of processing

Before starting processing, the operator must continuously sew the series of pieces to be treated.
Furthermore it must:
adjust the pressure of the fabric on the brushing cylinders, in order to achieve the desired result;
check the degree of cleaning of the brushes;
operate the vaporizer, if required by processing.
during processing, divide the pieces in according to the color and type of fabric
waiting for processing;
keep the machine loaded with a special drawing-in cloth, which is essential for the start of the next work cycle.

Execution of processing

Poor or insufficient brushing, which can be caused by an excessive supply of steam that makes it difficult, rather than facilitating, the removal of the hair to be removed.
Different colored fibers on the fabric, which can derive from the lack of cleaning of the machine and brushes when changing the article or the color of the pieces being worked.

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