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Seams Detector

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Electronic seams detection device. Particularly suitable for the detection of seams denominated "Head-Head". These seams, very thin and critical to detect with other devices, are recorded in a secure and guaranteed with IEC 827.3 device. The sensor is mounted on a particularly wide bracket, with useful passage of 550 mm tissue, with a maximum of 15 mm thick. The device is able to detect seams of overlapped tissues with maximum thickness of 15 mm. The measure is determined by the passage of light. In reality the thickness of the seam may also be 17 ~ 18 mm, but in this case is likely broken and unwanted tearing. It is therefore recommended to use with maximum thickness of 15 mm.


Detection of seams - no depth - small thickness - average thickness - thick.


Normally the device does not need adjustments. In case, you can increase or decrease the detection sensitivity using the special potentiometer on the front panel of the control device. On the control and signaling panel is present an insertion switch (ON / OFF), with relative led.


A 10-LED bar indicates the extent of any disturbance or wrinkled tissue relief. For proper operation, with the fabric on the move, the maximum of LEDs lit should be four. The passage of the seam light up all the LEDs of the bar, in addition to the single red LED, indicating that detection of the seam. The free contact signaling the presence stitching, on request, can be kept energized. The de-excitation, can be performed by pressing the reset button on the front panel of the instrument, or by opening an external contact, suitably connected on the terminal of the instrument. Green LED instrument inserted.

Sensor connection:

4-pole connector male + female, with locking switch. 5 m standard cable supplied with free terminals on the opposite side to the connector.

Amplifier connection:         12-pin removable terminal block.

Mechanical support            Seams sensor

[image:image-9]            [image:image-10]

Technical data and sensor bracket:

Maximum thickness of passage and the maximum thickness of the seam: 15 mm. maximum of the stitching step Speed: 120 m / min. Passage width (maximum useful range): 550 mm. Weight: 7.8 kg. Treatments: aluminum, galvanic oxidation black - brass, white zinc. Degree of protection IP 51. Connection: Required shielded cable 5 m (included). Connection: 4-pin polarized plug with locking means of threaded ring. support tube: diameter 50 mm, thickness 5 mm minimum not supplied.

Amplifier Specifications:

Power supply: 15-25 Vac 50/60 Hz. Power consumption: 500 mA max. Response time: 0.1 sec. Output 1: potential-free changeover contact 1A 125 Vac 30 Vdc. Output 2: Logic 15 Vdc 20 mA max. Operating temperature: +5 to +50 degrees Celsius. Storage temperature: -10 to +60 degrees Celsius. Humidity: Class F, non-condensing. Degree of front panel protection: IP 51. Box Size: DIN 96 x 48 mm depth 105. Mounting: panel - drilling 91 x 45 mm. Connection: screw detachable terminal blocks. Weight: 220 g. Housing: black ABS. Approvals: CE.

Installation Notes

To mount the device with the full bracket (recommended), it is IMPORTANT TO RESPECT the format shown. For convenience it was not given the maximum inclination of the support; It should not exceed 90 degrees compared to the design shown, otherwise the sensor may not function properly. For higher inclinations, we can provide the same sensor, with a stronger spring. Not create excessive pull on the opposing cylinder. Create an angle of at least 5 degrees, as indicated above. Do not install the sensor as shown in the next figure.

Proper Mounting Position


Maximum installation angle = 90 degrees.


Avoid any other type of mounting.


RESET 1 Grounded with a NO button resets the detected seam (if enabled storage).
N.C. 2 normally closed contact COM, opens in the presence of the seam.
NO. 3 normally open contact COM, closes in the presence of the seam.
COM 4 Municipality with N.C. and no.
24 Vac 5 Power tool (18-25 Vac) x 15 Vac close the side DIP of the RESET terminal.
24 Vac 6 Power tool (18-25 Vac) x 15 Vac close the DIP.
+12 Vdc 7 + 12 Vdc available for special functions. Max 20 mA.
GND 8 Mass provided for the connection of any of the RESET button.
PE 9 free terminal.
GND 10 Ground for external sensor connection.
IN SENS 11 sensor connection.
LEFT OUT 12 +15 Vdc logic signal activated in the presence of stitching.


The power transformer 24 Vac must be able to provide 15 VA. E 'can use the transformer of the auxiliary circuits 24 Vac, provided that any inductive loads, are provided with the RC filter (as prescribed by current regulations). The instrument power supply must be equipped with a fuse or circuit breaker.



Closing the DIP is possible to feed the instrument with a voltage between 12 and 15 Vac.

Do not install on machines that can produce intense vibrations; in this case insert of the vibration between the support bracket and the machine. The device can generate false signals in the presence of strong magnetic fields generated by electrical or electronic devices installed very close to the sensor. The installation must be performed according to the supplied specifications. The device can operate also in the presence of liquid sprays or with wet or damp fabrics, in any case it is appropriate to assess the amount of liquid possibly projected on the sensor. For any problems, please contact our / Technical Office, which is Vs / available for clarification or advice.



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