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Address : Mediterraneo 4 - Bisceglie (Italy)
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Mobile number : +393319020189
Address : Mediterraneo 4 - Bisceglie
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Rotary printing brand
Reggiani Model RQ2
Yoc 1993
Number of heads 9 magnetic ( expandable up to n°13 colours )
9 pumps colours
working width 3200mm
Attic of drying with 4 chambers heat by oil
Non stop at exit - n.2
Entry and exit for fabric double fald
Head movement with brushless motor
Brushing Vacuum with aspirator brand Bianco
Complete with all equipment release ( working up tp 160cm to 320 cm )
Machine working .

Mediterraneo n°4,
76011 Bisceglie
COMPANY : Commerciale Italiana
Textile Machineries srl
TELEPHONE :+393319020189
VAT: IT 07167760722
Textile used machines
COMPANY : Commerciale Italiana
VAT: IT 07167760722
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