General Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions

These general conditions of service ("General Conditions") regulate the service offered by

Commerciale Italiana Textile Machineries srl  through its online platform ("Platform") reachable at ("Site") which allows its users ("Users") who intend to sell and / or purchase secondary raw materials, recyclable materials in large quantities, by-products, scraps, inventories and / or unsold items from the warehouse, to publish and consult advertisements concerning these materials ("Service").
The General Conditions must be accepted by the User when registering for the Service on the Platform. Proindustria reserves the right to modify the General Conditions at any time, in whole or in part, by notifying the User via the Site with at least 30 days' notice, should the methods of use of the Service change. The User is therefore required to periodically consult the Site, in order to always be informed about the conditions applied. The User without any charge or additional cost, will have the right to withdraw from the Service in the following 30 days from the publication of the changes to the General Conditions on the Site, it being understood that the use of the Service subsequent to these changes implies the tacit acceptance of the same.
  1. Definitions

    1.1 For the purposes of these General Conditions, the following definitions apply:
    "Account": the account created by the User upon completion of the Registration procedure on the Platform;
    "Announcement": the announcement relating to the Material and / or services published by the Seller on the Platform for the purpose of consultation by the Buyers;
    "Buyer": the legal person or natural person of age who intends to consult one or more Advertisements in order to make any purchase of the Material object of the relevant Announcement outside the Platform;
    "Forbidden Categories" the following categories:
    - weapons or ammunition, or other instrument capable of offending;
    - fake or counterfeit products;
    - tobaccos or related products;
    - pornographic material;
    - medicines, parapharmaceuticals, medical preparations, and any kind of narcotic and psychotropic substance.
    - alcohol;
    - foodstuffs.
    "Contents": the contents of the Announcement;
    "Contract" these General Conditions;
    "Registration Credentials": the e-mail address and password chosen by the User when registering for the Service;
    “Crediti” i crediti acquistati sulla Piattaforma e/o accumulati attraverso il processo di Registrazione da parte del Seller spendibili sulla Piattaforma ai fini della pubblicazione degli Annunci e/o di eventuali ulteriori servizi che UsedTextileMachines intenderà implementare nel corso del presente Contratto; il valore di n. 1 Credito è pari all’importo di volta in volta riportato sul Sito;
    "Dashboard" indicates the control panel made available to Users who have made the Registration and accessible through the Site which allows them to carry out the activities described from time to time on the Site such as, by way of example, the display of the latest Ads consulted for Buyer and the management and monitoring of the activities relating to the Ads for Sellers;
    "Material": the secondary raw materials, recyclable materials, by-products, scraps, inventories and / or unsold items of the object of the Announcement and of which the Seller has legitimate availability and / or ownership;
    "Ad Duration Period" the period of duration of the Announcement equal to what is indicated from time to time by UsedTextileMachines on the Platform;
    "Platform": the online platform owned by Proindustria which allows the provision of the Service in favor of the Seller and the Buyer;
    "Registration" the registration to the free Service that allows the User to create their own Account; Registration is mandatory for the Seller who intends to publish one or more Ads while it is optional for the Buyer;
    "Seller": the legal person who intends to publish one or more Advertisements on the Platform in order to make the eventual sale of the Material covered by the relevant Announcement outside the Platform;
    “Servizio”: il servizio erogato da UsedTextileMachines per mezzo della Piattaforma che consente al Seller di pubblicare uno o più Annunci relativi ai Materiali sulla Piattaforma ai fini della loro consultazione da parte dei Buyer;
    "Messaging System" the messaging system made available by UsedTextileMachines in order to allow Users to exchange information on the Materials object of the Announcement and to complete any purchase;
    "Users": collectively and without distinction the Seller and the Buyer who use the Service through the Platform;
    1.2 However, the terms set out below in these General Conditions will have the meaning attributed to them below.

  2. Registration to the Service

    2.1 The Buyer may, in its sole discretion, decide to register for the Service. The Buyer who registers will have access to all the features of the Service while the Buyer who does not register will also be able to use the Service in order to consult the Announcements but with some limitations provided from time to time by the Platform (for example but not limited to you will be able to view the price of the Materials shown in the Announcement, you will not be able to view all the Ads published by the consulted Seller and you will not be able to use the Dashboard).
    2.2 The Seller who intends to use the Service in order to publish one or more Advertisements must register.
    2.3 When registering for the Service, you will be asked to enter the Registration Credentials in the relevant registration form ("Form"). In order to register on the Platform, it is also necessary to send all the documentation that may be requested from time to time during the Registration on the Platform.
    2.4 After sending the Form, Proindustria will confirm the activation of the Account by sending an email to the address indicated by the User.
    2.5 UsedTextileMachines authorizes the User who intends to register for the creation of a single Account with the consequent prohibition of subsequently registering other accounts other than the one originally created and which is attributable to the same subject, except with written authorization from UsedTextileMachines in this regard. The creation of multiple Accounts in contrast with the provisions of this article may result in the suspension without notice of the Account and the impossibility for the User to use the Service.
    2.6 The User who made the Registration undertakes not to temporarily give to third parties and to keep the Registration Credentials with due care, diligence and secrecy under his own responsibility. The User who made the Registration is therefore informed that all the acts performed through the use of the Registration Credentials will be attributed to him and will have binding effect on him.
    2.7 The User guarantees that the information provided during the Registration procedure and, with reference to the Seller, even after the Announcement is published, is complete and truthful and undertakes to keep UsedTextileMachines harmless and indemnified against any damage and / or compensation request and / or sanction deriving from and / or in any way connected to the violation by the User who made the Registration of the provisions of this article 2.

  3. Description of service

    539/5000 3.1 The Platform connects the Sellers with the Buyers allowing the Sellers to publish one or more Announcements relating to the Materials on the Platform in order to make them available to the Buyers for consultation and any purchase outside the Platform. The Seller may decide to use the Service in "subscription" mode which allows the Seller, upon payment of an annual subscription fee, to purchase an unlimited number of Credits, or to the different extent indicated on the Site, in order to publish the Ads.
    3.2. The Buyer, based on the search criteria entered on the Platform, will display a list of Ads and once the Ad of interest has been selected, he can contact the Seller through the Messaging System.
    3.3 UsedTextileMachines, subject to the express consent of the User, will be able to view and keep the content of the messages exchanged with other Users within the Messaging System for purposes related to the provision of the Service, it being understood that UsedTextileMachines will not have no obligation to check the content of such messages. The User may at any time revoke the consent given by sending a written communication to UsedTextileMachines it being understood that any further message sent and / or received by the User after the date of withdrawal of consent cannot be viewed and stored by UsedTextileMachines

  4. Ads

    4.1 By accessing the Service, in order to publish an Ad, the Seller must enter on the Platform the information requested by UsedTextileMachines, such as merely by way of example:
    - category (identifies the macro-category and / or the micro-category to which the Material belongs);
    - Ad Title;
    - photos related to the material object of the Announcement;
    - description of the Material;
    - dimensions of the Material (height, weight, thickness etc.);
    - price including VAT);
    - place where the Material is located (if different from the Seller's registered office);
    - place where the Material is located (if different from the Seller's registered office);
    - all further information requested by the Platform.
    For the purpose of publishing the Ad, the Seller must also proceed with the payment of a number of Credits equal to what is requested from time to time by the Platform.
    4.2 The Seller, before proceeding with the publication of the Announcement, may decide to save his Announcement in the "Saved Announcements" section of the Dashboard in order to publish it later.
    4.3 The Announcement will be considered concluded when one of the following situations occurs:
    a) conclusion through the Messaging System of the sale between the Seller and the Buyer relating to the Material object of the Announcement;
    b) expiry of the Ad Duration Period.
    In such cases the Announcement concluded will be inserted in the "Concluded Announcements" section within the Dashboard to allow the Seller to view the history of their Announcements and possibly to re-publish the Announcement concluded in the cases referred to in letters a) and b above ) of this article.
    4.4 UsedTextileMachines does not provide any guarantee regarding the positioning of the Ads within the search results on the Platform ("Positioning"). Positioning takes place with automatic methods based on a series of factors which, at its discretion, UsedTextileMachines identifies as search parameters.

  5. Ad serving rules

    5.1 The Seller undertakes to publish on the Platform Contents that are not considered offensive or prohibited by law, as by way of example and not limited to:
    • the disturbance to public or private peace;
    • the offense or damage, direct or indirect, to the rights of others;
    • offensive content of religions;
    • content harmful to intellectual property, copyright, industrial law or any other third party rights;
    • defamatory, pornographic, child pornography, violent content (or in any case prohibited to minors under the age of 18 or suitable only for an adult audience);
    • content related to gambling;
    • any other content prohibited by the rules applicable from time to time.
    5.2 The Seller is expressly prohibited from:
    • insert the same Announcement in multiple categories, regions or provinces;
    • insert advertisements using automatic insertion systems;
    • insert Advertisements on behalf of third parties.
    5.3 The Seller expressly declares and guarantees:
    • that the Materials object of the Announcements are not prohibited by Italian law and do not fall into any of the Forbidden Categories;
    • to have full availability and / or ownership of the Materials for the purpose of publishing the Announcements.
    5.4 In case of violation by the Seller of one of the provisions of the previous articles 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3, UsedTextileMachines, without prejudice to the fact that it has no control obligation, reserves the right to remove the Contents and / or suspend or delete the Announcement and in the most serious cases to terminate this Agreement with consequent definitive cancellation of the Account.

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