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Commerciale Italiana Textile Machineries srl Used Industrial Machinery

Mobile number : +393319020189
Address : Mediterraneo 4 - Bisceglie
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Raising Lamperti

N.2 Raising machine brand Lamperti GBM
1 machine year 1996 and another 1machine, year 1998.
workinmg width 3000mm
each machine 36 cylinders
turn-parts group and dusty bags ventilation
Francesco | 27/5/2019

Rope opener

REF: N501
Stainless steel version, V 60 m/min.
Rope squeezer with stainless steel slide
Detwisting head with beater plus spreading- and centering device
Squeezing padder, wide, with plaiter
Rope opener brand Corino
Working width 2100mm
With padder 2 cylinders
Maria | 20/5/2019

Raising Mario Crosta used

REF: NJ671
N.2 Raising machines brand Mario Crosta
working width 1800mm
30 cylinders each machine
year 2005 -
raising fillet new
control panel brand new year 2019 with new inverters
Plc and touch screen
New Belts
Piero | 6/5/2019
Mediterraneo n°4,
76011 Bisceglie
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COMPANY : Commerciale Italiana
VAT: IT 07167760722
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