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Mobile number : +393319020189
Address : Mediterraneo 4 - Bisceglie
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Contact Us for Amazing Deals and the Best Service +393319020189
Contact Us for Amazing Deals   +393319020189
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Raising Lamperti

N.2 Raising machine brand Lamperti GBM
1 machine year 1996 and another 1machine, year 1998.
workinmg width 3000mm
each machine 36 cylinders
turn-parts group and dusty bags ventilation
Francesco | 27/5/2019

Rope opener

REF: N501
Stainless steel version, V 60 m/min.
Rope squeezer with stainless steel slide
Detwisting head with beater plus spreading- and centering device
Squeezing padder, wide, with plaiter
Rope opener brand Corino
Working width 2100mm
With padder 2 cylinders
Maria | 20/5/2019

Raising Mario Crosta used

REF: NJ671
N.2 Raising machines brand Mario Crosta
working width 1800mm
30 cylinders each machine
year 2005 -
raising fillet new
control panel brand new year 2019 with new inverters
Plc and touch screen
New Belts
Piero | 6/5/2019

Stenter Monforts

Stenter Frame, 3 chambers, gas heated,
horizontal pin chain, KÜSTERS padder,
2 WEKO spraying units, MAHLO weft straightener,
cameras for counting threads and adjusting shrinkage,
ultra sonic selvedge trimming device,
cooling zone, accumulator, winder
working width: 4300 mm
Maria | 18/4/2019

Stenter Babcock used

Stenter brand Babcock year 1993
working width 3200mm
Padder brand Babcock 2 cylinders
N.1 Weft straightener brand Mahlo year 2004
N.1 Weft straightener brand Mahlo year 1993
7 chambers heated by gas
cooling zone at exit
group of cut in the exit of stenter
installation of safety sensor bars in year 2002
sliding door kit year 2003
burner plates and mixing plates year 2004
Francesco | 11/4/2019
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COMPANY : Commerciale Italiana
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